Heart Healing Mantra

Words hold powerful vibrations. Thoughts hold even more powerful vibrations. This is why positive mantras or affirmations can be extremely healing and beneficial.

We all tend to go through rough patches in life, but regardless of what is going on in our physical environment, mantras can help us attune our internal environment to a higher, more positive frequency.

Even though you may not fully feel or believe your mantra to begin with, the more you say it and the more you allow it into your life, the greater chance it will have to heal you.

I always tell people to ‘fake it until they make it’.

Sometimes we can be so low and down that we don’t even have the energy to utter the mantra- “I love myself”. However, gradually with time, the more you keep saying it, the more its effects will begin to take hold and shape your life.

Depending on how deep the wounds go, Mantras may have to be repeated up to 100 times before you can notice the healing taking place. But don’t let this scare you away. Mantras are really one of the easiest tools of healing as they require very little effort.

They can be repeated softly in your mind, or recited out loud. Mantras can also be written daily or placed on a wall poster in a space that you can read it often.

Studies have shown that believing is 90% of the healing journey, so even if you don’t believe at first, your persistence will pay off.