Mask Dance in Thimphu Festival


Mask Dance during Thimphu Festival



Bhutan is long been known as the mysterious country, which has intentionally secluded itself from the rest of the world in order to protect its unique cultures and sacred traditions. The country is well known for mesmerizing the pilgrims and explorers from worldwide.

Bhutan has long treasured traditions that feature dazzling and vibrant religious dances and festivals. Tshechu or annual festivals are regarded as un-miss-able and top attractions in Bhutan. Amongst all the activities mask dances are considered most anticipated activities during Tshechus (Festivals)

The dancers wear wooden or papier mache masks that are colourfully painted and richly decorated. 

Performed by Buddhist monks and laymen, the dances take place annually in temples, monasteries and important administrative centres for up to five days. 

People believe that by watching these dances they can purify their souls and bring themselves good luck. 


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