Cordyceps from Bhutan

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Natural Cordyceps sinensis from Bhutan

We supply genuine cordyceps sinensis that are directly sourced from local farmers living in the highlands of Bhutan.

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Pure & Raw Cordyceps

Cordycep Grade : Super A

Maximum 3000 pieces per kg
Approximate Length 3.5 cm – 4 cm
(USD 43,000 per kg)

Cordycep Grade: A

Maximum 6000 pieces per kg
(USD 33,000 per kg)

Cordycep Grade : Super B

Maximum 7000 pieces per kg 
(USD 21,000 per kg)

Cordycep Grade: C

Maximum 9000 pieces per kg 
(USD 17,000 per kg)

Power of Pure Bhutanese Cordyceps

Bhutan’s best natural Cordyceps grow in cold environments, in Bumthang above 3500m and Laya above 5010m. Cordyceps have the miracle benefit of boosting your energy, promoting healthy aging, reducing inflammation, improves sex drive, and is used as adjuvant treatments for cancer. These are just some of the medicinal properties of natural cordyceps.

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